The life and Career of Malini Saba

It’s very rare for a woman to become successful and remain committed to their family. This is the life of an extraordinary woman from Southern Asia. Despite being successful in business, Saba still takes care of her family. For instance, she wakes up very early in the morning to take care of conference calls from Asia. At around 7 am, she prepares her kid and takes her to school before attending matters on her American offices. Malini Saba does not use nannies to take care of her family. Isn’t that amazing?


So who is Malini Saba and why is she in the limelight? Saba is a successful businesswoman and philanthropist from the United States of America. Saba was born in Sri Lanka and spent a few fears in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. She later spent her teenage life in Australia before immigrating to the United States of America at the age of nineteen. During this period of her life, she was very broke as she had only nineteen dollars with her.


As she began her career, things were very difficult as she had to fight against corruption and people who were willing to ruin her. In the process, she lost a lot of time, and she is now very successful. From the perseverance, she was able to acquire massive wealth as she invested in various places such as the energy industry, real estate, and technology. As of today, Malini owns several properties around the globe such as rice fields in southern Asia and also palm oil estates. In the same region, she also owns reals estate properties. Saba is the chairman of the Saban Company. This was a company that she established many years ago and has investments in Silicon Valley, Oil and gas investments in China as well as other diversified investments around the globe.


Malini Saba most favorite investment is the commodity market. She acknowledges that the commodity market is associated with high returns. Saba regrets nothing about her life and says there nothing she could do differently. When she moved to the United States of America, she married a Stanford University Student, and this enabled her to attend lectures in the institution for free. She developed interests in various fields such as banking and investments. She would collect advice from successful people around campus and this played a significant role in her success. Other than business and investment, Saba spends time giving to the less privileged in the society and takes a keen interest in women from the low-income economies.