Paul Mampilly Focuses on Innovation in his Investing Newsletter

Paul Mampilly has had many noteworthy accomplishments in his former career as a hedge fund manager where he achieved a level of excellence that others could only dream of. He was the key manager of Kinetics Asset Managment when they were declared to be one of the Word’s Best hedge funds by Barron’s magazine. He also won the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition where he outperformed his opponents during a bear market. He regularly appeared on television as an expert market analyst in the wake of all this. Follow Paul on Facebook.

So what is Paul Mampilly up to these days? He’s left Wall Street behind but his strong analytical and stock picking skills have gone with him and are undiminished. His newsletter is called Profits Unlimited and it is part of the Banyan Hill family of high-quality market research products. With this offering, he puts all his expertise to work for ordinary investors who need an edge.

Paul Mampilly is on the lookout for innovative companies that offer something new to the market and he believes he’s found an extraordinary company that could revolutionize healthcare. He’s touting it as the “Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History” and it involves precision medicine that is targeted to one’s DNA profile. Follow Paul on

The ability to specifically design medication that fits a person’s unique blueprint has tantalized scientists for decades. Mampilly believes that one Midwestern company is on the verge of making this a reality. Recently, the company was valued at 1.5 billion dollars making it a viable candidate to potentially accomplish the hitherto unthinkable. All of this is based on a patient’s individual genes that allow custom medications to either treat or prevent chronic diseases.

The company has been identified as Myriad Genetics and they are an industry leader in testing patients for cancer risks. Hereditary cancer screening is what they are best known for and insurance companies are showing interest as prevention could be improved with the greater knowledge that Myriad can provide.

Paul Mampilly has reinvented himself as a champion for average investors and his products like Profits Unlimited can help dull portfolios come to life. He puts to use his insider’s knowledge of the Wall Street game to help investors get a leg up in the markets. He knows that without risk there is no reward for investors and he’s well established in his ability to take calculated risks which often offer superlative returns. His career has shown a remarkable consistency according to these ideas.