Hot NYC Homes for Tech Entrepreneurs


NYC real estate buyers have evolved over the years. No longer is it just the middle aged CEOs buying million dollar pieces of real estate in NYC. Young tech entrepreneurs are snatching up hot property in the city with million dollar price tags. These buyers want a home that is both comfortable and convenient to their busy lifestyle. NYC apartments for sale have become their new goal.

Since the buyer has changed, the way they have communicated has changed. Real Estate agents have taken to social media and apps to advertise their properties. Most of these young buyers want properties that are near their frequented locations. They want to have connected homes with kitchens near their master bedrooms. Those buyers in NYC are looking for high security options, including filtration systems to withstand chemical attacks. The reality is that security is needed. They want to find the latest and most comfortable NYC apartments for sale.

Town Residential is a leading seller of luxury NYC homes and NYC Apartments for sale. They have been on the market for five years and have already positioned themselves to be the largest seller in NYC. TOWN sells and leases both commercial and private property. They pride themselves in excellence and being an industry leader.

As a Best Firm to Work for and a Top Fifty Places to Work For in NYC, they have the top talent with extensive knowledge of real estate. With listings in the hottest places in NYC, it is easy to see why they are one of the most sought after places to work for and to find a new home. They have the latest NYC Apartments for sale to please even the hippest buyer.