Fans Now Maliciously Editing Wikipedia To Voice Their Opinions

An overenthusiastic fan of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie assumed the Hollywood rumor mill was right, and actress Marion Cotillard had a part in the break-up of the power couple’s marriage. Cotillard’s supposedly upset that people are saying the she and Pitt got close while filming a movie, however, the fan that proceeded to make Wikipedia edits to her page went too far. Hollywood gossip is one thing, but people believe what they read on a Wikipedia page since the site is an encyclopedia of verifiable knowledge, not a tabloid. Wikipedia editors caught the edits the overzealous fan made to Cotillard’s occupation on Wikipedia from actress to “Reason why the power couple broke up.”

Since Wikipedia pages must contain unbiased, verifiable facts, backed up with sources, it’s challenging for the average business owner to create a Wikipedia page about his or her company. While they may know more about their business than anyone else, Wikipedia’s strict format guide takes time to master. Individuals that only want one Wikipedia page about their business to help with branding will find it easier to hire Wikipedia experts from Get Your Wiki to create the page, because then they know it will be done correctly. Wikipedia is ideal for brand building, consumers tend to trust businesses more when they Google the name and see a Wikipedia link near the top of the first page of search results.

Learning how to make a Wikipedia page is very different than writing an article or a blog post, tasks most business owners find easy. Promotional content isn’t allowed, so it’s better to have a third-party like Get Your Wiki write the Wikipedia page so no partiality shows through in the text.