Wikipedias Lacking Information On Native Americans


Esther Belin was an artist as well as a poet of Navajo heritage. The popular author Sherman Alexie has stated she is one of the poets he enjoys most. What is odd is that there is not a mention of her on Wikipedia. This encyclopedia that can be easily located online, amd is where a lot of people go first when they need information. Another fact is that Belin is not the only Native American missing on Wikipedia. The Indian Country Today has announced through the media that there is very little information about Native American’s on Wikipedia. The encyclopedia is now trying to change this by expanding their coverage. Get Your Wiki at is the source of the pertinent details to prevent people from having to create their own pages online. Their editors provide so many opportunities to increase a business’s online presence, always done in a professional manner.


Every year, Wikipedia has a conference in North America. This is for their editors, and enthusiastic followers as well. They are hosting an Indigenous Peoples’ day this year. Everyone participating will be looking for articles and information on this subject. The idea is to increase Wikipedia’s database on different tribes, important figures historically and noteworthy movements. This is how they plan to cover areas that are lacking in information. A survey in 2001 showed Wikipedia editors only consisted of 8.5 per cent of women. There have been feminist movements trying to change this by having more information on the site concerning issues concerning women. Women’s contributions will be covered from women’s black history to life sciences involving women.


Wikipedia has over five million articles in English, and almost thirty million blind areas where information is missing regarding the indigenous peoples. The countries that are much higher in their incomes look at the site one-hundred more times than other countries. One of the problems according to a 2015 report is that sixty-three per cent of Native Americans who are living on their tribal land do not have broadband available to them. The number jumps to eighty-five per cent for those in rural areas. There have been attempts made to make Wikipedia edits to update the information available on Wikipedia regarding Native Americans. Most of the articles submitted were contested or deleted entirely. Now, anyone can edit Wikipedia provided they adhere to the rules.

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Fans Now Maliciously Editing Wikipedia To Voice Their Opinions

An overenthusiastic fan of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie assumed the Hollywood rumor mill was right, and actress Marion Cotillard had a part in the break-up of the power couple’s marriage. Cotillard’s supposedly upset that people are saying the she and Pitt got close while filming a movie, however, the fan that proceeded to make Wikipedia edits to her page went too far. Hollywood gossip is one thing, but people believe what they read on a Wikipedia page since the site is an encyclopedia of verifiable knowledge, not a tabloid. Wikipedia editors caught the edits the overzealous fan made to Cotillard’s occupation on Wikipedia from actress to “Reason why the power couple broke up.”

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