How Dallas Based Highland Capital Management was Founded

Starting a company in the alternative investment department has never been an easy thing. The companies have to deal with so many challenges, and some of them never get to experience the success they need. These companies need a lot of capital so that they can take off, something that discourages very many investors in the market. Getting clients and companies who need the services of these companies is a great challenge too. The competition in this area is very high. There are some companies that have been in this department for a while now, and they have already conquered the market. Dealing with such a competition, especially for a company that is new in the department can be a very complicated affair. There are, however, some international companies in the alternative investment market that are doing so well in the recent times. Highland Capital Management is one of these institutions. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

After working in alternative investment management for more than twenty years, James Dondero wanted to form a company to make the lives of people better. The market was full of challenges at first, and the hedge fund manager had his special fears too. James Dondero partnered with a long-time friend, Mark Okada, who offered him a helping hand. The businessman started an institution that has managed to impress the people in the international community. When James Dondero was starting the small company many years ago, he had no idea that it was going to perform so well in the local and international market. Several years later, the institution is one of the international leaders in alternative investment.

Highland Capital started several decades ago, and its first offices were based in Dallas. In less than five years, the company was doing so well, and it had managed to open its branches in several other parts of the country. Highland Capital Management decided that it was going to venture into the global market when it realized that the consumers were very excited about the services they were offering. The company main offices have been maintained in Dallas, but the institution has several other branches in New York, Singapore, Aires and Seoul.


The international company has managed to perform so well because of several reasons. Apart from ensuring that customers are getting the best services, the company has great people working in its leadership. James Dondero has a lot of expertise in hedge fund management, and he has used these skills to make sure that the company is performing well. At the moment, Dondero is serving as the president of the global investment company. Dondero has excellent skills when it comes to leadership, and this explains why he commands so much respect in the communities living in Dallas. Read more at