Guilherme Paulus’s Career In The Tourism Industry

The entrepreneur has acquired a lot of wealth and was even listed in the Forbes Magazine as one of the global billionaires. He is seen as one of the pioneers in Brazil’s tourism sector.

Guilherme Paulus co-founded a popular Brazilian tour operator known as CVC. He started the venture at the age of 24. Four years later, his partner left the business to pursue personal goals. Through his leadership, he transformed the tour operator into the largest in Latin America. A 63.6% stake in the company was sold to Carlyle Group in 2009 at an estimated value of $420 million. He expanded his business empire by launching the GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2005.

The hotels group has more than 20 outlets. Guilherme Paulus aims at establishing new structures near strategic places such as airports. Brazil hosted the 2014 edition of the World Cup. There were thousands of visitors in the country. The Summer Olympics was also recently held in Brazil. The global events have offered a good opportunity for his hotels. He was privileged to find a working opportunity with IBM before the age of 20. Due to his vast experience in the sector was appointed as the member of the National Tourism Board by the Brazilian president. He has been featured on various media channels to talk about his ventures. He is a good marketer and has taken advantage of most events to get more clients.

Guilherme Paulus’s CVC has an estimated value of R $ 6.35 billion. He loves working. According to him, he is inspired by his dream to generate more jobs for the youths and contributing to the growth of the national economy. In the last few years, he has established modern hotel structures worth over R $600 million. The hotels are located in 11 states in Brazil. He believes that the most vital aspect of any hospitality venture is offering good customer services. Guilherme Paulus was recently named the Entrepreneur of the Year for his efforts to improve service delivery to the customers. He has introduced new innovative products that have enabled his hotels to gain a competitive advantage over the other players in the sector.

How Neurocore Treat Mind Conditions without Surgery or Drugs

Neurofeedback and biofeedback are the critical elements in mind training as used in Neurocore. The mechanism helps patients who suffer from various conditions like depression, autism, stress, ADHD, migraines, and insomnia. Persons who find it hard to focus should consider this treatment. It helps people of all ages as the clinic offers bespoke neurofeedback programs to solve a particular problem. The professionals make use of refined electroencephalogram technology.

Pharmaceuticals method can solve some of the mental conditions. Patients using the approach experience unpleasant side effects. Drugs deliver temporary benefits. Neurocore system encourages patients to stop using medications to treat anxiety, ADHD, and depression. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore System

Patients watch movies during the treatment. Practitioners apply a paste to parts of their earlobes and heads before attaching the EEG electrodes. The medical tool monitors their heart rate, breathing speed, and brain waves. It uses the motion pictures to provide an individual with feedback. The medical equipment reports any changes in breathing or unbalanced mental activity. Neurocore delivers a lasting improvement for patients with treatable disorders.

About Neurocore

In 2004, Tim Royer, a Neuropsychologist established Neurocore. In the last 13 years, the facility has opened nine outlets in two states. Mark Murrison is the current top executive. Murrison is conversant with the medical industry as he has held managerial posts at MDVIP and Procter & Gamble Co. He managed some P&G brands like Aleve, Crest, and Vicks. He also founded ScaleRx, a medical consultant company.


Brain experts at Neurocore use electroencephalogram data and heart rate to understand the mental activity of each client. The procedure enables the practitioners to find the exact problem and customize the perfect treatment. Neurofeedback is ideal to optimize the brain waves of a patient. After the treatment, patients experience can focus more efficiently and have less stress. The clinic website is linked to numerous medical studies to support its methods efficacy.

Neurocore clinics have locations in Michigan, Florida, Livonia, Sterling Heights, Grandville, Holland, Grand Rapids, West Palm Beach, Holland, and Boca Raton. In 2017, the firm opened a new clinic in West Bloomfield. It provides free consultations through the phone and has lunch events at its facilities. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Freedom Checks bring investment to the masses

Investing is often thought of as something only for those with a lot of disposable income, those who are markey savvy, and/or those who can pay investors to make smart choices with their money. Freedom Checks are a safe way to invest smartly. Read more about Freedom Checks at

American companies that produce oil and fuel using resources found in America are exempt from taxes that other companies that produce oil and fuel in different countries are not. This tax break allows these American companies to reap in more capital and have higher returns. These companies also rely on investors, average Americans across the country, to help fund their work. Freedom Check investors can invest as little as ten dollars, and that money is used to pay workers, pay for equipment and pay for marketing for these American oil companies.

These Freedom Check companies also are required to pay 90 percent of their earnings to their investors. This means that investors can see big returns on their investments. Freedom Checks are mailed out to investors to help them gain wealth and reinvest in companies. People interested in Freedom Check companies can do a simple Internet search, or search for investment gurus who specialize in Freedom Check investments.


Freedom Checks are a great way to supplement retirement funds. Traditionally, Americans have relied on 401ks and social security to fund their retirement, but with uncertain job scopes and social security only adding a few thousand dollars a year to retiree’s funds, it has become important to add another source of income to portfolios. While traditional investment may be a difficult and expensive path to navigate, Freedom Checks make it easy for anyone to invest with the promise of high yields. Simply investing in American companies providing for the American population, is a great way to add padding to a retirement plan and to give back to the country. Visit the website to learn more.

GoBuyside Sets a New Trend in the Recruitment Process

As time goes by, corporations are being formed. With the rise in the formation of such companies, there is the need for recruiting employees. To make this process easy in the long run, the executives of these companies always take advantage of recruitment consultants. Because most of the agencies rely on their professionals to come up with viable recruitment methods, there are times when clients have to wait for the said professionals to show up and carry on with the processes. Sometimes, this can be pretty daunting in a way. However, with the advent of technology, everything related to recruitment has become pretty easy. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.


Introducing GoBuyside


The advent of technology has changed many aspects in life including the recruitment process. Since there are many employment opportunities in the world, it has become rather challenging to find a qualified candidate through the usual traditional recruitment processes. Therefore, a firm like GoBuyside has been established to handle talent search. Located in New York, this firm is always updated when it comes to the latest jobs posted by employers. Additionally, it is focused on utilizing technology to hire employees for its clients.

The Mechanism


For GoBuyside, monitoring all the trends in employment and the industry of finance is the key to successful talent search. Not only does the firm conduct survey but also present the actual figures of job seekers to the employers seeking to hire them. All too often, this company utilizes various technological advancements with the aim of hiring the most qualified employees for the vacancy.



Besides, the company uses specific industry specialists who will always manage the recruitment challenges thereby salvaging any chances of incurring loss in the recruitment process. Not only is this cost-effective but also increases the business niche.




Besides, the company always collects credible information about job seekers from different sites including LinkedIn. For that reason, GoBuyside is a trusted talent search company that has worked with thousands of Fortune 500 firms, private equity companies as well as hedge funds. With all that has the company has achieved since its foundation, technology is to be given credit. Follow GoBuyside on


Matt Badiali Is An Expert In Investing And Natural Resources

Matt Badiali is one of the leading experts in the United States when it comes to natural resources and investing in commodities. Matt has personally had the privilege to meet with and discuss various aspects of the natural recourses industry with some of the biggest names in the business during his time traveling. Matt Badiali has personally obtained his masters from Penn State and Florida Atlantic for Geology and Earth Sciences and over the years this knowledge has benefitted his career greatly. Matt has also taught geology at various different universities in his time. Visit to know more.

Not too long ago, Matt Badiali joined the team at Banyan Hill Publishing to provide his insight and skills to the many readers that frequent the publication. Banyan Hill’s primary service is providing people with investment and financial advice so that they may overcome their markets and find success in their investing. Matt has personally been all over the world building his network and understanding the natural resources industry better. According to Matt, traveling to get more insight into a market is far greater than analyzing data from far away.


These days, Matt Badiali is highly focused on natural recourses and the many opportunities that are available when it comes to investing in them. This includes the freedom checks, which Matt highly advocates. Much of the information Matt writes for Banyan Hill is focused on commodities and natural resources and he publishes his findings regularly to inform the other investors. Hundreds of readers have thanked Matt Badiali for his advice and strategies when it comes to natural resources as they have made substantial amounts of money. However, Matt always informs his readers not to fall victim to gimmicks or ever believe there is a get rich quick method out there that works and is viable. It is important to follow the advice of professionals that have a portfolio to back them up and shows a level of success. The majority of Matt’s research is done through hand’s on work and traveling, giving that much more credibility and value to his information. Follow Matt on

Paul Mampilly Focuses on Innovation in his Investing Newsletter

Paul Mampilly has had many noteworthy accomplishments in his former career as a hedge fund manager where he achieved a level of excellence that others could only dream of. He was the key manager of Kinetics Asset Managment when they were declared to be one of the Word’s Best hedge funds by Barron’s magazine. He also won the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition where he outperformed his opponents during a bear market. He regularly appeared on television as an expert market analyst in the wake of all this. Follow Paul on Facebook.

So what is Paul Mampilly up to these days? He’s left Wall Street behind but his strong analytical and stock picking skills have gone with him and are undiminished. His newsletter is called Profits Unlimited and it is part of the Banyan Hill family of high-quality market research products. With this offering, he puts all his expertise to work for ordinary investors who need an edge.

Paul Mampilly is on the lookout for innovative companies that offer something new to the market and he believes he’s found an extraordinary company that could revolutionize healthcare. He’s touting it as the “Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History” and it involves precision medicine that is targeted to one’s DNA profile. Follow Paul on

The ability to specifically design medication that fits a person’s unique blueprint has tantalized scientists for decades. Mampilly believes that one Midwestern company is on the verge of making this a reality. Recently, the company was valued at 1.5 billion dollars making it a viable candidate to potentially accomplish the hitherto unthinkable. All of this is based on a patient’s individual genes that allow custom medications to either treat or prevent chronic diseases.

The company has been identified as Myriad Genetics and they are an industry leader in testing patients for cancer risks. Hereditary cancer screening is what they are best known for and insurance companies are showing interest as prevention could be improved with the greater knowledge that Myriad can provide.

Paul Mampilly has reinvented himself as a champion for average investors and his products like Profits Unlimited can help dull portfolios come to life. He puts to use his insider’s knowledge of the Wall Street game to help investors get a leg up in the markets. He knows that without risk there is no reward for investors and he’s well established in his ability to take calculated risks which often offer superlative returns. His career has shown a remarkable consistency according to these ideas.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco; The Shakeup Has Improved Banco’s Credit

The financial sector is without a doubt, one of the most fundamental parts of many economies in the world. Also one of the largest holders of S&P 500, the sector has the largest companies in the financial industry with one of the most recognizable banking institution being Banco Bradesco.

Located in Brazil, Banco Bradesco is a leading financial services company in the sector of finance. Also privately held, the company is manned by a board of directors who take charge of the entire operations.

Brandao Steps Down

In 2017, the former executive leader (chief executive officer and president) of the company resigned. In a statement addressing his reason for stepping down, Brandao de Mello admittedly said that he had served long enough to grow the bank and his career. As such, it was critical for the bank to rely on the expertise of a younger leader. In this case, Luiz Carlos Trabuco temporarily fit the bill; Bradesco’s policies allow one person to head one department. Therefore, the board of directors would eventually announce the new leader of the bank.

A New President

The board of directors recently appointed one Octavio de Lazari Junior to serve as the president and chief executive officer of Banco Bradesco. The 54-year-old has since told journalists that as of early 2018, credit has improved. Having worked as a director for the insurance unit, he is well-versed with the activities of the finance department, and he handles the business with diligence. As he takes over the leadership realms, it is clear that he has invaluable asset management skills that are useful to the bank.

Growing in Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Banco Bradesco when he was a teenager. At that moment, he was trusted to serve as the office clerk. Well, in his tenure, he learned a lot in terms of running the business. At the same time, he grasped essential managerial skills and used them to shape his banking career within Bradesco. With the input of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Banco continuously expanded its share market in the industry. At the same time, it acquired Banco do Estado and Banco Ibi S.A. Following these and other achievements, he was elevated to serve as the director of finance. Therefore, he learned various finance managerial skills. He also honed his skills in resources allocation.


After a few years of blending wisdom and dedication to achieve excellent results in the finance department, Luiz Carlos was promoted to serve as the president of the company. He managed to grow Bradesco’s shares and earn significant recognition as the entrepreneur of the year when he acted as the major intermediary between Banco Bradesco and the privately held HSBC Bank. The deal was sealed at $5.2 billion, and it was first enforced into the organization by the former chairman, Mr. Brandao de Mello.

The Overview

With the shakeup in Banco Bradesco, many have asked if the operations of the bank will be interfered with. Well, this is not likely going to happen because the new president has been working for Bradesco for more than a decade. He has credible skills to grow the company’s shares.

Search more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

Barbara Stokes CEO Green Structure Homes

Barbara Stokes CEO Green Structure Homes

Barbara Stokes is the celebrated businesswoman and the Chief Investment Officer of the Green Structure Homes Delivered of Alabama, USA. The Green Structure Homes is a company that deals with disaster relief construction services. The company prioritizes high-quality services. Its offices are located in both Russellville and Huntsville in Alabama. The Green Structure Homes company specializes in the construction of turnkey mobile and residential building across North America. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes started it back in the year 2008 together with her husband, Scott Stokes. Since its inception, the company labeled itself as the sole owner of disaster relief ideas. They also boast of their innovative designs and manufacturing techniques, which are cited as the basis of their success. Through their innovations, the company has severally offered a wide range of solutions to both government and private sectors. The success of the company can as well not be detached from the seasoned experience of its leadership headed by Barbara Stokes and her husband.

Barbara is an alumnus of Mercer University, which is the oldest private university in Georgia. She graduated from the university in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Medical Engineering. As she pursued her first degree at Mercer University, Barbara also studied other supportive courses such as thermodynamics and structure and properties of materials. On her graduation, Barbara Stokes spent her early career days at Pisces Corporation. She also worked at Boeing before starting her recent role at the Green Structures Homes of Alabama. She credits her outstanding knowledge and skills in management and construction to her first two employers who give her a lot of exposure. Moreover, her love for thermodynamics brings much to the table for the success of the GSH of Alabama. Follow Barbara Stokes on

On assuming the role of CEO of Green Structures Homes, Barbara has championed its progressive move. Few years after its start, GSH under her leadership was certified as a Disaster Relief Construction Contractor by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The certification of the company has since then helped its secure various construction tenders with both the government and private investors.

More than just working towards the milestone achievements, Barbara, a mother of three, does much charity works to her society. She has always been at the forefront in giving donations to the poor and engaging in various charity works. Her attachment with the commoners has always left her as a role model to many young ladies in the region of Alabama.


Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe Has Been Selected As One Of Time’s People Of The Year

When a publication such as Time includes a person to their people of the year list, then you know they have arrived. Such is the case for Bumble CEO, Whitney Wolfe. This dynamic young lady is the founder of the dating app Bumble which puts women first. One of the best things about this dating app is that females have control over the whole dating process. Women generally love this feature and it helps Bumble to be a successful online dating spot with close to 22 million users.

Whitney Wolfe is a feminist, but she is also a woman. She married to a rich oil heir name Michael Herd. Technically, Mrs. Wolfe’s name is really Whitney Wolfe – Herd but she goes by Whitney Wolfe because of her public identity. Wolfe has always supported women and their causes. This only makes sense because she is a lady. This attractive feminist wants women to know that they can be empowered and still retain their feminine charm and appeal.

Time added Wolfe to their People of the Year list because she has done an outstanding job with starting her own company, supporting women causes and helping women everywhere to shine. Wolfe even supports causes such as the #MeTooMovement. This is because she wants women to know that they are more than mere objects to be mistreated by men in the workplace, at home and out in society.


There is another dating app called Tinder. Whitney Wolfe used to be a part of this group until they sexually harassed her. They also marginalized her because she was a female. She won a very big lawsuit against Tinder which validates these wrongdoings. When she left Tinder, Whitney told the company that she “swipes them to the left”.

In the dating realm when someone is swiped left, that simply means that they have been dismissed or rejected. Whitney Wolfe is now focused on moving ahead with her life and being the best person that she can be. This is why she is considered one of the most popular CEO’s in the America and why Bumble is destined to be a very big success.

How Dallas Based Highland Capital Management was Founded

Starting a company in the alternative investment department has never been an easy thing. The companies have to deal with so many challenges, and some of them never get to experience the success they need. These companies need a lot of capital so that they can take off, something that discourages very many investors in the market. Getting clients and companies who need the services of these companies is a great challenge too. The competition in this area is very high. There are some companies that have been in this department for a while now, and they have already conquered the market. Dealing with such a competition, especially for a company that is new in the department can be a very complicated affair. There are, however, some international companies in the alternative investment market that are doing so well in the recent times. Highland Capital Management is one of these institutions. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

After working in alternative investment management for more than twenty years, James Dondero wanted to form a company to make the lives of people better. The market was full of challenges at first, and the hedge fund manager had his special fears too. James Dondero partnered with a long-time friend, Mark Okada, who offered him a helping hand. The businessman started an institution that has managed to impress the people in the international community. When James Dondero was starting the small company many years ago, he had no idea that it was going to perform so well in the local and international market. Several years later, the institution is one of the international leaders in alternative investment.

Highland Capital started several decades ago, and its first offices were based in Dallas. In less than five years, the company was doing so well, and it had managed to open its branches in several other parts of the country. Highland Capital Management decided that it was going to venture into the global market when it realized that the consumers were very excited about the services they were offering. The company main offices have been maintained in Dallas, but the institution has several other branches in New York, Singapore, Aires and Seoul.


The international company has managed to perform so well because of several reasons. Apart from ensuring that customers are getting the best services, the company has great people working in its leadership. James Dondero has a lot of expertise in hedge fund management, and he has used these skills to make sure that the company is performing well. At the moment, Dondero is serving as the president of the global investment company. Dondero has excellent skills when it comes to leadership, and this explains why he commands so much respect in the communities living in Dallas. Read more at