Alexei Beltyukov Launches

Alexei Beltyukov, a Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist, loves education and entrepreneurship. In fact, his latest entrepreneurial endeavor is called SOLVY combines both things. It debuted in April or 2015 at Ed Surge’s tech conference in Los Angeles. SOLVY is interactive math educational software. It’s an online homework space for high schools. The software allows teachers to create, administer and customize learning exercises for their students.

What Makes SOLVY different from other Math Software

Beltyukov has done his homework and created a software to focus on honing the math skills high school students need. For example, the exercises have no multiple choice questions. Instead, students input the answers their answers. Like traditional math homework, the students must show how they arrived at their answers.

Of course, Beltyukov wants to make a household name in math education. He also wants to make it easier for math teachers to teach and students to learn. For instance, one goal of the software is to make it easier to high school math teachers to understand and keep track of their students’ progress. SOLVY also provides developmental feedback to teachers outside the classroom. Teachers receive performance reports from SOLVY which will decrease the tedious homework grading.
Another goal is to make math easier to learn and more accessible for students. The software uses real-world math problems and allow students to use multiple ways to approach and discover solutions. For example, it interacts with students by offering hints and feedback to help them learn, understand and retain the answer.

More about Alexei Beltyukov and

Alexei Beltyukov began his career in medicine. However, he decided to switch from medicine to business. LinkedIn shows that he attended INSEAD Business School and received his MBA. After graduation, Beltykov started several successful companies. For instance, in 2007 he founded A-Ventures Ltd and in 2013 he co-founded Endemic Capital, an angel investing club. He’s currently a board member on FORO Energy.

As a philanthropist, Beltykov has devoted his life to education and business. He’s created several organizations to assist other Russians in starting business and / or attending business school. His philanthropy includes an alumni scholarship at INSTEAD. The financial scholarship helps Russian students wanting to attend INSTEAD.

He is also the Vice President of Skolkovo Foundation. It provides money to Russian business people wanting to start companies and expand their businesses throughout Russia. is another business venture Beltykov is working to make a success.  Follow Alexei on Twitter for even more information.