Barbara Stokes CEO Green Structure Homes

Barbara Stokes CEO Green Structure Homes

Barbara Stokes is the celebrated businesswoman and the Chief Investment Officer of the Green Structure Homes Delivered of Alabama, USA. The Green Structure Homes is a company that deals with disaster relief construction services. The company prioritizes high-quality services. Its offices are located in both Russellville and Huntsville in Alabama. The Green Structure Homes company specializes in the construction of turnkey mobile and residential building across North America. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes started it back in the year 2008 together with her husband, Scott Stokes. Since its inception, the company labeled itself as the sole owner of disaster relief ideas. They also boast of their innovative designs and manufacturing techniques, which are cited as the basis of their success. Through their innovations, the company has severally offered a wide range of solutions to both government and private sectors. The success of the company can as well not be detached from the seasoned experience of its leadership headed by Barbara Stokes and her husband.

Barbara is an alumnus of Mercer University, which is the oldest private university in Georgia. She graduated from the university in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Medical Engineering. As she pursued her first degree at Mercer University, Barbara also studied other supportive courses such as thermodynamics and structure and properties of materials. On her graduation, Barbara Stokes spent her early career days at Pisces Corporation. She also worked at Boeing before starting her recent role at the Green Structures Homes of Alabama. She credits her outstanding knowledge and skills in management and construction to her first two employers who give her a lot of exposure. Moreover, her love for thermodynamics brings much to the table for the success of the GSH of Alabama. Follow Barbara Stokes on

On assuming the role of CEO of Green Structures Homes, Barbara has championed its progressive move. Few years after its start, GSH under her leadership was certified as a Disaster Relief Construction Contractor by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The certification of the company has since then helped its secure various construction tenders with both the government and private investors.

More than just working towards the milestone achievements, Barbara, a mother of three, does much charity works to her society. She has always been at the forefront in giving donations to the poor and engaging in various charity works. Her attachment with the commoners has always left her as a role model to many young ladies in the region of Alabama.


Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe Has Been Selected As One Of Time’s People Of The Year

When a publication such as Time includes a person to their people of the year list, then you know they have arrived. Such is the case for Bumble CEO, Whitney Wolfe. This dynamic young lady is the founder of the dating app Bumble which puts women first. One of the best things about this dating app is that females have control over the whole dating process. Women generally love this feature and it helps Bumble to be a successful online dating spot with close to 22 million users.

Whitney Wolfe is a feminist, but she is also a woman. She married to a rich oil heir name Michael Herd. Technically, Mrs. Wolfe’s name is really Whitney Wolfe – Herd but she goes by Whitney Wolfe because of her public identity. Wolfe has always supported women and their causes. This only makes sense because she is a lady. This attractive feminist wants women to know that they can be empowered and still retain their feminine charm and appeal.

Time added Wolfe to their People of the Year list because she has done an outstanding job with starting her own company, supporting women causes and helping women everywhere to shine. Wolfe even supports causes such as the #MeTooMovement. This is because she wants women to know that they are more than mere objects to be mistreated by men in the workplace, at home and out in society.


There is another dating app called Tinder. Whitney Wolfe used to be a part of this group until they sexually harassed her. They also marginalized her because she was a female. She won a very big lawsuit against Tinder which validates these wrongdoings. When she left Tinder, Whitney told the company that she “swipes them to the left”.

In the dating realm when someone is swiped left, that simply means that they have been dismissed or rejected. Whitney Wolfe is now focused on moving ahead with her life and being the best person that she can be. This is why she is considered one of the most popular CEO’s in the America and why Bumble is destined to be a very big success.