Companies That Are Set Benefit from The Adoption of Sentient Artificial Intelligence

Enterprises around the world are adopting AI technology to improve better how they deliver both their products and services. The incorporation of AI by major industry players in the world has made global e-commerce more profitable. Using AI, businesses can use machine learning to project the demands and needs of the markets then create tailor-made products and services promptly. In the next decade, it is expected that in the United States alone, the revenue earned from AI will double the country’s GDP. By the year 2030, income from AI will match the global GDP.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world right now. The fact that AI can be incorporated into almost any sector in the economy makes it one of the lucrative technologies firms are investing in. With the adoption of artificial intelligence, there are close to a dozen companies that are poised to reap massive financial turnovers. Google, Amazon, Netflix and Oracle are among companies set to benefit financially from the adoption of artificial intelligence.

Sentient AI applications need high-end hardware that is sophisticated. The reason behind this is that AI Apps need computer chips that have been explicitly designed for faster processing of data. Nvidia currently leads the pack when it comes to the design and development of quality chips that can be used for multiple artificial intelligence tasks such as machine learning. Another company that is on the frontline in the production of computer chips that are suited for machine learning and artificial intelligence is Micron. These two firms; Micron and Nvidia are the currently preferred manufacturers of computer chips used for artificial intelligence. Their dominance in the market is an indication that they are on the path to making substantial financial gains.

AI applications are run over the internet. Most companies that are investing in artificial intelligence are opting for cloud computing services to run their AI Apps. Cloud computing providers such as Amazon and IBM currently enjoy market monopoly when it comes to the provision of cloud computing services.

In as much as other industry players in the market can rival both IBM and Amazon, the infrastructure owned by these two tech giants provide them with an edge in the market over their competitors. From this, we can conclude that these two firms are expected to make considerable turnovers in the coming financial years.