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Party Planning Headache
Are you finding yourself in a party planning rut? Planning an event proves to be a huge task that takes up much of your time, patience and sanity if you’re the only one hosting. Instead of getting headaches over it, it’s time to consider hiring an event planning company to help you with all the details. To ensure a memorable party, you’ll want to hire a reputable company. So, before you hire the first one you find, you’ll want to take some steps to make sure you choose one most ideal for your event.

The Search
Start by making a list of your event objectives. Who is the party for and where should it take place? Things like these are the crucial details that your party planner will want to know. Most importantly, set a budget so that you can make it clear to any potential event planners you might hire. Gather some information- testimonials, reviews and samples of work from event planning companies in your area and interview three or four of them. After speaking with each company it should give you an idea as to which one would fit your needs best. Once you’ve hired one, meet in person to go over all the important details (themes, entertainment, venues, etc.). This company should keep close contact with you from this point on to make sure you’re always on the same page.

Finding Twenty Three Layers
If you’re on the lookout for an event planning company in New York, twenty three layers is one that has a lot to offer. While there may be a plethora of event planners in NYC, this one has quite the reputable, honest buzz surrounding it. They are known for throwing all types of events in New York, big and small, and are trusted by many. Thisfull service company will take care of every detail for you and will come up with beautiful ideas for themed events. If you want to give this incredibly talented company a chance, you can find them in New York.

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Adam Milstein: Philanthropist of the Future

According to an online article on yahoofinance.com, Adam Milstein was recognized by the Jerusalem Post as one of the 50 most influential Jewish people who have positively affected the world last year. These people also are likely to be positive effects in the future, says the article.

As the co-founder and chairman of the Israeli-American Council, Milstein was nominated as number 39 on the prestigious list. He has made other philanthropic contributions as a leader and activist for various Jewish organizations, the article says.

The article lists many prominent Jewish people who made the list. It includes political leaders, entertainers, and philanthropists. In a quote from Adam Milstein, he says how honored he is to be part of the list published by the Jerusalem Post. He gave credit to his wife, Gila, and to the many organizations with which he works. He says the award represents things that have been accomplished in recent years by the Israeli-American community.

The mission of the Milstein Family Foundation was outlined in this article. It states that the foundation has two main purposes: To strengthen the Jewish people and to strengthen the State of Israel. Milstein says that philanthropy is one of his main goals. He wants to build partnerships between organizations and to help fund life- changing projects. The article says that the Milstein Family Foundation would keep working toward its mission.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel. His father was a real estate developer who had immigrated from Argentina to Israel in 1948. Milstein is an Israeli veteran and fought in the Yom Kippur War. He got a Bachelor of Science in economics and business from Technion. He helped his father expand the family real estate business while he was in college.

He married Gila in 1974 and they have three children. Milstein graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master of Business Administration. He continued his work as a sales agent in commercial real estate. Presently, Adam Milstein is managing partner of Hagar Pacific Properties. His firm specializes in fixing up commercial properties to sell. He is involved in several charity works around the world.

Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/jerusalem-post-names-adam-milstein-185000374.html

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Talk Fusion Receives TMC’s Communications Solutions Product Of The Year Award

Recently, the company Talk Fusion, a cross-communications platform, received the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. It was for the company’s video chat product and the award was given to Talk Fusion by the Technology Marketing Corporation.

Talk Fusion video chat allows people to use any mobile device, desktop, tablet and so forth, to communicate face-to-face. The app can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play. The product used WebRTC technology.

Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, said the company has big plans. He said eventually he and his teams are working to stay ahead of the curve.

TMC’s products of the year award honors products and services that are considered exceptional. The products and services the award honors are those that facilitate video, voice and data communications that were introduced to the market or improved within the last year.

Talk Fusion: Products And Services

Talk Fusion is a cross-communications platform and they offer an all-in-one video marketing solution. The company was launched in 2007 and their products are marketed by independent associated in over 140 countries. Talk Fusion offers businesses products that can help them market themselves and increase their sales.

Some of the company’s key products include marketing solutions such as video emails, video newsletters, live meetings, video chat and sign-up forms. Businesses and individuals can use those products to create video messages to share on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. They can also create sign-up forms to build their email list and engage in meetings and much more.

Diversant Brings Diversity Products and IT Solutions to Many Businesses

Diversant is an IT solutions company that helps Fortune 500 and other companies find IT Professionals. They offer many different services, such as diversity products, direct hire, and innovative solutions for diversity. They are the largest minority-owned (African-American) IT Staffing firm in the United States. They are also a fully certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise(MBE).

Diversant is passionate about diversity. They have a strong desire to spread appreciation for diversity in American workplaces. They also understand that diversity has its challenges and they want businesses to embrace and value it. When diversity is understood and appreciated, it helps to strengthen workplaces.

Diversant has four main core values, which include respect for others, disciplined teamwork, ethical behavior and professional development.

One of their most noteworthy programs is called UNITY. This program’s goal is to cut the gap between businesses and their need for diversity. It also provides access to sources of credit and capital, while implementing a mentoring program that can help businesses reach their full potential.

John Goullet is a successful businessman. He started many successful businesses, mainly in the IT sector. While John started his career in the IT field as a consultant, he later switched to the IT staffing business. One of his most notable accomplishments is his company, Info Technologies. Five years after opening, it turned into a $30-million operation.

John Goullet is currently the Principal of Diversant. With his strong business background, he is able to come up with innovative ways to overcome challenges within the modern IT marketplace.

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What Really Comes Up When You Are Googled?

Online reputation management has a vital role in today’s world. Having a negative reputation can impact your companies reputation and even your own professional career. While you may try to put forth your own efforts to fix the situation if not done correctly it could spiral out of hand and get worse. Companies rely on their reputation to build their brand. And living down a bad reputation could take months if not years to fix. It’s time to reverse any negative sources out there about your business. Going at this alone could be just as bad as trying to fix it yourself. You would never perform surgery on yourself, right? It’s wise to leave it to the professionals. Bury bad news fast and get on doing what you do best, running your business.

Bury Bad Articles has been a shining star in the industry. They have been able to address situations quickly and bury negative search results about businesses in an efficient manner. They are your biggest asset when developing your brand. You need consistency when dealing with your marketing strategy. If you are self-employed or a small business just starting out, your reputation is very fragile. You may have to rely on referrals for income. Having a negative online review about your service could potentially wipe out any future profits you may have coming your way.

For professionals and executive level job seekers, you already know how important your reputation can be. Give Bury Bad Articles a call and let them assess your situation. You may think one questionable post or online picture can’t ruin your reputation, but you are wrong. Google is the first place that hiring managers turn to before deciding to bring you on board. Hiring departments look for questionable things about you to find out if you are a liability to the company. Even if you can’t find any negative information about yourself or your company Bury Bad Articles has the skills to find deep routed negative data that can arise. Leave it to the pros and start off with a new reputation today.