George Soros Lessens His Positions on U.S. Stocks

Wouldn’t it be great to look into the portfolio of some of the largest investors in the United States of America. If a person knew what T. Boone Pickens, Warren Buffett, George Soros, the Koch brothers were holding it might be easy to become rich. There is a little known Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, 13F, required by law to be filled within 45 days of the end of each fiscal quarter. Any fund manager with more than $100 million in assets must file four times each year. These filings become public knowledge and can be studied by anyone who accesses the information through the SEC. Read more about George’s life story at

In the latest filing the Soros Fund lightened its load of U.S. investments by 37 percent or $3.5 billion. The Soros Fund also revealed that its position is bearish on the Standard & Poor’s 500. George Soros and others have been warning about another possible economic collapse similar to 2007-2008.

Many investors blindly follow the conventional wisdom and take positions in popular stocks. These popular positions are talked about intensely on financial news programs on and the effect is to momentarily raise the value, while at the same time the savvy investor is ready to close out his position whenever the demand is highest. By observing the position movements of large hedge fund managers made public by 13F filings, the savvy small investor can get an idea of the sentiment of the market which can greatly aid him in his investment strategy.
 George Soros has written more than a dozen books on global economies and his lectures are also available. It must be remembered that when news is being issued about the worth of a particular stock, it may be a false flag event, and the news was made to benefit an investor or an officer of the company who wishes to divest himself of that particular holding. In a market with a huge number of participants it is much harder to move the market in any direction up or down, as it was during the early age of Wall Street. But the principals of market action remain the same.

George Soros has made his fortune. He spends his valuable time working on and for his foundation and traveling the world lecturing at numerous economic summits. His warnings may be too late for many. Read the full article here:

Skout Has A Positive Influence in Society


Everyone deserves to feel like a superhero even if it’s just for one day. That’s because every day most of us are surrounded by real life superheroes. Those are the people who are fighting hard battles that most of us know nothing about. It’s people who are fighting for their life in battles against cancer and other illnesses. People who deserve to be celebrated. That’s exactly what Skout is doing.

According to PR Newswire, Right now, users of the popular app have a chance to make a difference in somebody else’s life. Users just have to send one of their friends a superhero-themed virtual gift and Skout will make a donate to Make A Wish! The popular app wants to help others have their dreams come true while creating lifelong relationships through the app.

For those who aren’t familiar with Skout, it’s a global app for creating friendships and relationships. Skout allows users to travel the world right from the palm of their hand. This app is designed to allow people to connect with users all across the globe. They can choose the travel option and strike up a conversation with those who are countries and continents away. It’s a great way to connect the whole world. This app is great for people who are hoping to travel in the future or just want to see what it’s like out there. Skout also has a shake to chat feature where users shake their phone and they are connected with someone somewhere in the world. This app allows people to broaden their horizons.

Skout is basically a community of people looking for friendship, relationships, and love. It’s for people who want to open themselves up to a whole new way of meeting people. Skout isn’t like any other online dating apps. That’s because it’s an app that has a goal of connecting the world. They want people to have new experiences all over. Skout also allows users to connect on a personal level. Skout is simultaneously making a difference by helping out Make A Wish. Overall, it’s an app with a positive influence in society.


Darius Fisher to the Rescue

When your reputation is in trouble online you should call Darius Fisher. He specializes in handling digital reputation crises and is known as one of the best in the business. Darius is the CEO of Status Labs. Status Labs in a reputation management company that also dabbles in public relations and other forms of online marketing. Darius began his company four years ago in Austin, Texas. They have been wildly successful since that time, and they have opened up satellite offices. First, Darius expanded Status labs into Sao Paulo, Brazil, and lately, he opened shop in New York.


His company serves over 1500 clients at any given time in more than 30 countries because people all over know the value of having a good reputation management company to watch their backs online. Darius Fisher was able to put a positive spin on controversies such as this one and they ultimately helped spread his fame and brought him more business.


In the past, Darius Fisher was a copywriter as well as a political consultant. A few have even jokingly compared Darius to Olivia Pope the famous political consultant and fixer from the ABC drama Scandal. Darius Fisher is an expert in helping those whose reputation has been trashed online and in the media improve their image. He says that many high-level executives don’t invest enough time in their online reputations. They rise to the top without building their online presence up over time. This leaves them extremely vulnerable when inevitably someone attacks them.


When an individual or organization has a weak, or even no existing online presence at all, attacks made against them online will rise to the top of the search engines. The negative content will be the first thing people see when they look for information on them. Darius Fisher specializes in protecting his clients from that and bringing them new business. Find Darius on Facebook to keep up with his news and events.

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